Radiantly Alive Workshops

Calling all Bad Ass, Fun, Excited, Spiritual Women who are ready to party!!!! And by party I mean twerk, meditate, heal, & get into your body.

This is Amazon Warrior Training babes. We are doing ALL the healing.

  • All the past trauma that has been killing you, haunting you and holding you back… has really been preparing you for something greater. You will heal from all this shit and start living your freaking life with joy and happiness like you bloody deserve.
  • Heal shame, punishment and guilt from past relationships so you can begin to open your heart to your soul mate. 
  • Those manic thoughts, the ones that creep up on you in the middle of the night and steal your precious sleep. You will learn to watch them drift right through you. You will gain the super power to rip their claws out of your mind and be freaking free. We call this peace :)
  • Learn to receive more abundance in ALL areas of your life- love, health and money!
  • The anxiety that is stopping you from living your dreams, the fear that you are not enough and will never be... will melt away and transform into presence, love and confidence to take ACTION. 
  • All the stories about your body, all your negative feelings all your judgment, shame and disgust are poisonous. These stories will be replaced with acceptance and connection to yourself
  • Learn to create new beautiful stories full of self love and celebrate your SEXY!
  • If you're feeling lost and unsure of what your damn purpose on this Earth is you will be able to build off of your new momentum and have the confidence to make epic shit happen! 

Moving your body is one of the most incredible ways to let all the past shit go and welcome in EVERYTHING good!

Nurturing your soul means moving slowly to a sensual feminine flow, getting fiery through vinyasa, grounding through meditation, freeing your sexy through twerk and choosing to have fun. No holding back!

We are kicking some serious spiritual ass the Lani Nalu way! Women empowering women. Dance, love and so much laughter.

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Where: Online Replay

When: Replay Available Now

Investment: $197