Lani Nalu Dubai

If you can relate to Simone Biles feeling pressure, overwhelmed, and afraid to disappoint others… This is for you.

The first rule I give my clients is…


Life is freaking hard.

Am I right?

We have so much pressure, so many dreams to fulfill, obligations, and responsibility.

As over achievers and perfectionists it’s so uncomfortable to put our mental health first.

I think the intention starts off on the good side because we want to live up to our full potential.

But we usually cross the line from positive to burned out real freaking fast.

And from there it is SO HARD to undo the feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, and despair.

We think shit like… “What if I disappoint them? What if my best is not good enough. What if I can’t do this because it’s too hard.”

As high performers we are addicted to the outcome.

We obsess over getting validation from others.

We believe deep down we must be perfect or we’re failing.

We are always pushing because our motivation is I MUST PROVE I AM WORTHY.

It makes shit that we used to love not fun anymore. It causes us to feel completely powerless and leaves us with no options.

So we crack.

I have been there sister.

And unfortunately there is no final destination. Every time you grow you will experience challenges, you will feel afraid of getting uncomfortable, it will be hard.

The victim will quit and say it’s too much, and feel sorry for herself.

While the champion will feel afraid, will think about quitting, will fall, will cry…

And she will get back up stronger every time because quitting is not an option.

The pressure will always be too much when we don’t know how to process our emotions and negative experiences. We will always end up feeling suffocated.

Yet there is another option…

Get out of survival mode, surrender, and learn how to accept the challenge with an open heart.

This is the only place where we have infinite possibilities and where we feel held, loved, and supported by life.

Our focus becomes…

I am here to create, grow, flow, and evolve into a better woman.

When we live here we can do hard shit all damn day because we’re inspired and charged up by love.

It’s very simple, but it takes more energy and focus initially, which is why it feels so hard when you’re trying to do it all alone.