Girl we are taking it back to the basics! The mind and body are 1, yet they are treated like 2 different things that have nothing to do with each other. WTF.

Sleep and nutrition have an insane impact on our mental health. Putting your intention on healing the basics can help anxiety, and depression so much because those are just side effects of a deeper problem.

Our body turns on the alarm and tells us when shit is not working. Feeling unwell is the body acting out of love and saying “Make some damn changes.”

But we act like it’s super complicated, and tell ourselves “How can I possibly figure out how to eat and sleep in a loving way.”

It’s so simple it’s scary first of all, and when you truly care about feeling amazing you put the work in.

I’ve been on both sides. I’ve done crazy, harmful stuff to “heal” which is so weird that we believe we have to self harm to be happy.

Most recently, when I left the abusive marriage my body was banging and I looked smoking hot in a bikini, yet I was so full of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and so insecure it was like a broken down car that doesn’t work but it has a fresh coat of paint on the outside.

I don’t care what you weigh or what size you are, I want to know how you feel.

What your daily experience of life feels like.

There’s only one way to truly heal and continue growing to feel more love and fulfilment every day, and that is healing your mindset because this is the only place your body takes orders from.


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