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Rosie is teaching us to feel heaven on Earth right now. I recorded this episode for Rosie and Jonathan, our beautiful guardian angels. I was praying for their infinite path of light journey and I asked the Universe and Rosie, if she and Jonathan are flying together.

The wind started flying wild, the trees were dancing, the wind was so strong and I knew it was them soaring through the heavens together, shining their love on us. 

Rosie is an infinite energy of love and she’s showering us with it. Rosie is sharing her inspiration and compassion with us and I believe this is just the beginning.

Rosie has come through to let the hundreds of women just in my program, know she’s ok. She’s giving us signs all day and we feel her energy so strong

My beautiful client and soul sister Ciara ‘s beautiful angel baby Indie was born sleeping. As you can imagine this broke Ciara’s heart. Ciara has seen Rosie holding Indie twice in her meditations. How amazing is that. Miracle is the only word I can use.

Rosie’s brother Andres sent me photos of the magnificent rainbows she filled the sky with just before her celebration of life ceremony. A florescent pink sky and rainbow right over her parents house! Rosie is still bringing us love and peace and she’s just getting started.

I believe if you’re listening now Rosie is inspiring you to start living and having the time of your life. To start doing the things that are important to you. To start giving your energy to the things that are important to you.

Life is a sacred gift. Live like Rosie did cherishing it and growing every day. She was doing everything she wanted to do.