What if this was your last day alive?

Would you feel gratitude and love or fear and regret?

I ask women “Where will you be in 10 years if you don’t change?

Where will you be in 20 years if you don’t change?

How will you feel on your deathbed if you don’t change?”

What if you didn’t have 10 years, 20 years, or 50 years? What if today was your last day to live. My beautiful soul sister Rosie was 37 years old. She passed away on Friday.

As humans we only want to take part in the “good” emotions. Which is impossible. Every living being has a life cycle which includes birth and death.

My beautiful Rosie chose  love. She had past pain the same as everyone else. She could have blamed her ex or her parents for her unhappiness same as everyone else, yet she chose to have faith in God.

On Rosie’s last day she shared love. She shared compassion and kindness. She made the World better. Rosie inspires us to treat life as the sacred gift that it is.

If this was your last day alive what would you be sharing?


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