Sister the only freaking roadblocks in your life are yours. You have literally put them there.

It’s true that you’re usually not aware of your own “I cant’s” because they are your subconscious blueprints so you don’t see them with your conscious eyeballs.

My blueprint is literally I CAN FUCKING DO ANYTHING! 

When there is a brick wall I don’t say… Oh there’s a wall. I can’t. BARF!

I say “Gimme a fuckin tractor so I can knock this bitch down, I have shit to do!”

I don’t question the Universe and I don’t act like I’m reinventing the wheel dude. I will find someone who knows how, and do it even faster than they did. 

There are no rules. The only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself. 

Where are you limiting yourself?

And if you had no limits and no rules what’s that look like? Who would you reach out to for help?

Who would call to learn from?

What can you do right now if you believe anything is possible?

You won’t ever get today back sis. The time to start the race is NOW!