Lani Nalu. Wonder Women

Oh my gosh I am sharing the inside scoop with you! This is exactly how my clients have skyrocketed this week and are fully living in their magic.

I think of the areas that are important to me as living breathing entities that need my attention, time, love, energy and care continuously… to truly thrive.

Say that the areas of your life that are important are all gardens.  A few of my areas are spirituality, relationships, and my body.

The old Lani’s gardens were all desolate and dead and I would beg for one little flower petal here and there.

I would get a garden started, meaning I’d start working on one area of my life like relationships. And then I’d totally abandon it to the point where it would get so bad the entire thing would be deader than dead. And I’d have to totally start over.

Which is exhausting and miserable. What a freaking waste of time!

When you look at my gardens they are ALL thriving.

So your ego says “Lani’s lucky it’s easier for her.”

That’s Bull shit.

I have put in the ground work and decided I would no longer settle for a garden that only had cock roaches in it. BARF!

Yes it takes time, focus and energy to change but the payoff is so freaking big that  we could never regret doing the work.

I’m here to open your mind to infinite possibilities so you challenge your ego and stop settling for a dead ass garden!

You can do it sister. I believe in you!

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Let’s go sis, nos is the time YEWWW!


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