Sister you are the only one in charge of your energy! This is the hidden secret society doesn’t want us to know.

A woman who is empowered, and deeply knows she’s worthy, and therefore has access to all of her energy… can not be controlled! 

And if we can’t be controlled we’re dangerous AF.

I know you’re attracted to me because of my ENERGY which means you know what’s possible when you are dropped into heart center and connected to Mother Earth.

Women we are freaking unstoppable! We are powerful beyond what we’ve been told to believe we can’t do. I am living proof!

We did $81k in revenue for the month of May, had the highest amount of money and time donated throughout all our programs, and had the most miraculous client wins.

All just 2 years after people laughed to my face when I told them my dreams.

After all my spiritual coaches in Bali told me we don’t make money because we’re spiritual, don’t cuss because it’s low vibe, don’t dance sexy you’re showing off, don’t put photos of you in your bikini on your website because you’ll make women feel bad.

Everyone told me being me was “too much” and “bad.” 

And because I didn’t have enough energy I didn’t do anything about it. I freaking walked myself into the slaughterhouse of life like a sheep.

I’m not special. I just decided to learn how to create my own energy and fuck shit up!

If you don’t have enough energy, you can’t even do the shit you like.

Accessing your energy is the first step.