Ok sister I’m gonna hit you with the most important question of all…

Who would you be if you knew you were good enough?

In this episode I go deep into the path of believing we’re unworthy, stupid, disgusting, broken and exhausted… so we settle.

We settle for less than we were meant to be & share.

Versus the road of light.

Where we’re never expected to be perfect, as that’s non existent, we get to choose to live in our heart where life is sacred and so much freaking fun.

We become part of the rhythm of The Universe.

Growing, stretching, getting stronger, sharing love, and blowing our own damn mind.

A woman who believes she’s not enough takes neutral texts and questions and makes them into an enemy that’s personally attacking her.

She makes problems where there are none.

And most devastating of all…. She’s so afraid to be rejected & fail she never even tries to be the courageous Bad Ass Woman she was born to be.

This is deadly for everyone.

Racism and COVID-19 are external triggers that you can’t avoid anymore.

This is our opportunity to stop accepting what we’ve been told we can’t do.

And start healing ourselves so we can be the positive change the World so desperately needs right now.


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