Lani Nalu

I recorded this episode because I’m part of the change. George Floyd’s death was horrifying, we can no longer tolerate racism.

We must do better.

We can do something about this now. We can be the change. An empowered doesn’t hurt other’s.

It’s no longer ok to say “not my problem” or my “unhappiness is not affecting anyone else.”

Just like Chris said to me 2 years ago…

“If you are not helping them you are hurting them.”

Yes it takes energy to make these changes. If you are broke, exhausted, overwhelmed, insecure, and negative you are part of the problem.

Empowered women raise empowered men. Empowered women change the World. The creation of life is our super power.

As leaders we must not take the path of least resistance, we must not avoid the uncomfortable actions, and we must not be afraid of rejection.

Love is truth and helping those that are unsafe.

This is our gift from the Universe. We are in control of our energy. With enough energy we can do anything. We are freaking Wonder Women.

It’s not enough to sit on the couch and point your finger. Be the change sis. Get empowered. Make the change with your love, your truth, your money, your integrity, and your confidence.

The first step is to get in your power by doing my meditation. (

The second step is to come to my free workshop.

I believe in you.


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