Lani Nalu Podcast

To learn how I trusted the Universe and received it all, listen to this episode now.

Girl if you would have asked me how I was going to manifest my King and how we were going to grow together for the rest of our lives…

Or how I was going to be a Feminine Icon for women all over the world…

Or how we were going to grow our business to hit over $100,000 USD cash in 2 months…

 I would have told a story that was all wrong.

I had an idea of what my life should look like and that was based on everything being right, being perfect, and on being like the experiences I had in the past. Which were fucking horrible.

I am not the creator of life and nature and by trying to control everything and questioning Mother Earth with my lack of trust I freaking strangled all of her magic.

I sucked the fun out and I pushed away what I said I wanted by energetically kicking it in the face.

The game changer for me was to stop asking how, stop questioning the Universe, stop controlling, and to finally show up with 100% conviction that it was going to happen because my birthright is having it all.

The first step is listening to this episode.

The second step is coming to my free workshop to learn how change your beliefs to “I AM WORTHY OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”

I believe in you sister.

Love Lani xx