Kirstie Lani Nalu Podcast

Today I have my incredible client Kirstie on. She’s 51 years young from South Africa, a beautiful mom, and an inspiring Bad Ass who’s been sober for 11 years.

Kirstie’s been in my Purpose Program for 5 weeks and she said the moment she heard me speak, the truth dropped in, “I might be clean but I ain’t sober.”

Damn girl drop the mic. Up until 5 weeks ago Kirstie was addicted to negative thoughts.

Kirstie never felt like she was allowed to speak her truth. She felt like she didn’t have a voice. Kirstie used to take on everyone’s problems and her default setting up until 5 weeks ago was anger.

On the first session Kirstie found her voice. I taught her how to connect to unconditional love and how to connect power, love and inspiration to finding her voice.

Kirstie was furloughed from work due to Covid and has used it as an opportunity to kick ass in her spiritual growth like a proper Bad Ass.

Kirstie is dancing, laughing, she’s freaking unstoppable. Literally Kirstie is doing shit she’s never done in the past 51 years. For the first time in her life she’s not afraid of rejection. She’s unstoppable.

In her words “50 is the new 20 and she’s 21.” Kirstie bounces out of bed and has more energy than she had 30 years ago! WTF this shit works.

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