Magic Pill Lani Nalu

Today I’m talking about truth, love & success.

I believe that I am rewarded because I speak my truth.

I am rewarded because I share love.

I base my success on how embodied and truthful I am, and how much love I feel & share.

I know that what I have right now is a direct reflection of the effort I put in.

I don’t half ass, make excuses, or tell clients to do shit that I’m not doing.

I am never confused why a woman doesn’t have what she is complaining about not having.

Half ass efforts, half ass results, and ALL the excuses why she can’t go all in and share love.

We have been primed by society to lie. It’s acceptable to be asked a question and instead of saying the “ugly truth” we circle around and around, make excuses, lie, and put all blame onto the external.

Success happens much faster when you’re honest, when you have integrity, when you speak your truth, and when you connect to love.

Nobody is fooled by a woman trying to cheat the process.

What you have is a direct reflection of the work you’ve done. You’re not afraid of success. You’re afraid of failure.

You can’t bull shit the Universe. Your ass is on the law of attraction like every other human on this planet.

I promise I’m not mailing out magic pills.

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