This title is everything! Women who love themselves don’t hurt themselves.

Today I have my beautiful client and energy sister Morgan on.

This is so awesome because 1 year ago Morgan found my podcast and would day dream about becoming a client, healing herself, and coming on the podcast to share her story.

Fast forward 1 year, just 5 weeks into my program.

She’s healed her eating disorder, she went from zero self love to all the self love. She wakes up excited and hopeful for the future, and she has found her Purpose.

Something AWESOME I learnt today was Morgan heard my podcast about my client Megan who got off anti depressants… and that inspired Morgan to get off anti depressants. Just from the freaking podcast episode. She wan’t even in my program yet. So amazing.

The true essence of what I teach is every time there is a problem… Bring it back to self.

It’s not foods fault you’re miserable. It’s not your partners fault you’re miserable. It’s not religions fault, or the economy’s fault you’re miserable.

Your feelings are your problem.

I asked Morgan why my program worked for her when nothing else did. Why she healed her eating disorder in a few weeks after 30 years of suffering. And why this worked for her, when she’d already done 3 other programs that didn’t work.

Morgan said it was love. Learning how to love herself was the answer because women who love themselves don’t hurt themselves.

Ain’t that the truth.

You can have an excuse to not to do the work and be miserable. Or you can do the inner work and live a life of freedom.

No one is coming to save you. No one is going to do this for you.

Having the choice to change is the most empowering energy in the world!


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