Lani Nalu Podcast

Oh my gawd sister your birthright is to be yourself! What a freaking relief.

It’s ok for you to be you!

You don’t have to hide, play small, or feel guilty about being confident, happy, and free.

Side note, the real you is not the lazy, bitchy, insecure woman.

The real you is love.

I recorded this episode because every day I hear the same problem over and over.

I’m afraid to be myself because I don’t want to be rejected. So they are a shell of a woman. They are exhausted. And they’re boring AF.

There’s nothing inspiring about a woman who’s negative and has resentment for being taken advantage of.

I wouldn’t buy shit from a woman in that Debbie Downer, Eeyore energy.

My philosophy is everything is energy and it’s either a tool or a weapon depending on your intention.

I could take the road of least resistance and not cuss so women stop writing negative messages on my free workshops.

I could stop dancing and twerking so women stop sending negative messages.

We all have the choice to sell our soul to the Devil, hide like cowards, and be a fraud to try and get approval.

That is not an option for me. Hell no am I going to stop being me so women who hate themselves don’t send shitty messages.

If I stop cussing it would not help the insecure women. And it would hurt the women who are ready to learn how to access the courage to finally be themselves.

The women who don’t cuss in my workshops and complain about it are the most negative people in the room. Not cussing doesn’t make you a nice person.

I know plenty of non cussers who are also giant assholes.

That’s like saying everyone that eats salad is spiritually enlightened. Not sure.

It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s your energy and intention while you say it.

Your job isn’t to be liked. Your purpose is to share love your way.

I am here to show you that this shit works! I have more love, more clients, more energy, more happiness, and more money than ever before!

Not because everyone likes me.

Because I am connected to the unconditional love of Mother Earth.

Have the courage to be you. It’s the only path to true freedom and joy.


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