Chantelle Lani Nalu Podcast

Oh my gawd this episode is gonna fire you up so hard, and gawd knows it’s needed right now.

I recorded this episode with my beautiful soul sister/client before the lockdown when I was still in Perth.

Since we’ve recorded Chantelle is even more powerful, motivated, healthy & abundant than ever before.

Chantelle suffered from an eating disorder for 20 years. She accepted it as a part of her identity and thought there was no way to heal it.

She came into the program to just get out of her negative loop, that she calls living in a Hell Hole. I fully agree because there is nothing more miserable than feeling disempowered.

Chantelle actually healed her eating disorder in a few weeks by using my embody strategies and learning how to feel unconditional love at the push of a button.

Chantelle has raised her standards to extraordinary. She has more confidence than ever before.

Chantelle started painting again which is epic because it’s one of her super powers and right now she’s got a waiting list to buy her art.

Chantelle saved herself.

She showed up. She does the work, and the payoff is a life full of unconditional love and freedom.

The excuse “It’s harder for me” doesn’t cut it anymore.

It’s no secret that any woman can reprogram her subconscious.

The real question is after knowing you are the only one with the power to change… Will you choose to learn how to love yourself?


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