Elaine Lani Nalu Podcast

Today’s episode was recorded before lockdown, before quarantine, while I was still in Perth.

And what do you know.. my strategies apply just the same because the answer is always YOU.

My freaking Bad Ass client and soul sister for life Elaine is so amazing, we had so much fun. We laughed so hard.

Elaine’s thriving even more right now while the majority have dropped their vibe and feel really stressed and hopeless.

The first win is that Elaine has always been terrified of public speaking. To me her English is perfect, and it’s also her second language. She had major fear and insecurity around public speaking and she’s speaking her truth on my podcast for all the World to hear.

Elaine came into my program summer of 2019 and because my program, me, and my strategies are for life… I have watched her grow and continue to grow every day.

I’m in no way downplaying what’s happening right now. I have so much compassion for people that are affected by the virus. God knows if this happened 3 years ago before I got my shit together I would have had to borrow money from my dad and probably move back home.

I was waiting for someone to save me, feeling super sorry for myself, living off one yoga class at a time.

My inspiration is that we learn from this and get strong enough so we aren’t forced into survival mode. We are prepared and embodied.

Elaine suffered for 40 years with insane body pain, anxiety, PMS, misery, loneliness and feeling sorry for herself.

Elaine did therapy since 2003, did every type of healing you can imagine, spent tons of money, and got no results.

She was totally scared to invest again. But never having the freedom she felt in me was way to expensive to pass up so this bitch pulled the trigger.

My intention is always to share hope. The killer of your journey is the fear that you’re alone and it’s harder for you.

When you hear real women who had real problems like Elaine it squashes your ego into pieces because deep down you know if she can do it, you can do it.

It is possible to stay embodied during stressful situations. It’s possible to not feel sorry for yourself. And life is freaking amazing and so fun when you know how to shift your energy and control your emotions.

I believe in you!


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