Stay positive lani nalu

I am living in the same World as you, with the same virus as you and I’m waking up in bliss with love tears because I feel so safe, happy and fulfilled.

If you’re waking up with anything less than that… you’re settling.

The virus is the straw that broke the camels back, it’s not the cause of all your misery.

If you were miserable before, you’ll be miserable after.

I’m not downplaying that we are in un chartered territory, however the unknown is always scary for the ego no matter how it appears in your life.

My women are happier than they’ve ever been in their lives. Right now. While the rest of the World is losing their shit.

Doesn’t that blow your mind!

You’re living in fear because of the trauma and programming you experienced as a child. The first step is to download my Life Changing Morning Healing Meditation right now and commit to doing it.

Living in fear is the only way we can be controlled. Women we were put here to HEAL. This is our Super Power.

The World won’t change. No one is coming to save you.

Your power is learning HOW to embody, How to connect to the innate intelligence that connects everything, and How to rise up with Mother Earth.

Empower Women, Change The World.

If you’re pain is so intolerable that you’re finally ready to make a change and live in harmony, you must come into my program.

I believe in you.