Joely Franklin Lani Nalu Podcast Coronavirus

This episode with my beautiful client and sister whom I love so damn much, could not have come at a more important time.

With all the fear about the coronavirus, we are in desperate need as a society to stay embodied.

We get sick because we get stressed. We have negative thoughts, we focus on worse case scenario, and we misfire our fight or flight response.

The first thing that happens is our immune system shuts off because surviving is the first priority. We get sick because our immune system is off. Fact.

When there is something to be triggered within, we get sick.

Before my program Joely was always ill, she had a gnarly phobia of death.

Joely planned her funeral in her 20’s because she was certain she would die.

The year before my program Joely was ill and went to the doctors 50 times!

Since joining my program 1 year ago she’s had 1 mild cold.


Joely healed her body through healing her mind. Our thoughts create our reality and this does not change because people around you are afraid of getting sick.

When I was stressed out and believed I was not good enough I was always freaking sick.

Today I’m healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been. If Joely and I can choose to embody, feel love, and be HEALTHY, you can too.

Don’t subscribe to the bull shit program that you are powerless.

Sis you’re a woman! This is your freaking super power YEW!

If you need help learning how to stay healthy and embodied reach out right now. I am so excited to teach you how to stay healthy and thrive.


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