Lani Nalu Podcast

I’m sharing the truth today so get ready to feel really grateful for your vagina, and inspired to receive all the pleasure you can can because your true essence is a Beautiful Healing Pleasure Machine.

If you have been sexually abused, which is unfortunately a hell of a lot more common than not being sexually abused, you have some shame to release.

If you haven’t been sexually abused you also have shame to release because we are primed to feel shame about our sexuality, these shameful beliefs are being passed on from generation to generation and it stops here.

A woman who is confident, has self worth, feels no shame because she feeds off love is a threat. This woman can not be controlled by fear, and that’s scary AF.

The first step is acknowledging there is nothing wrong with you, you’re not alone, you can heal your sexual energy because nothing that’s happened to you thus far has touched the purity of your soul.

Your birthright is the freedom to love and receive love freely. This includes sexually.

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, heal your sexual shame, and wake up full of confidence and self love than you’re a perfect fit for my program.

I am honoured to teach you how.

I believe in you sis.

Love Lani


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