Natasha Ceviker Lani Nalu Podcast

Natasha touched my soul like it has never been touched before.

Our first chat Tash was so real, so vulnerable and so ready to learn how to create her own life of happiness.

It’s scary how common it is today to have suicidal thoughts. Most women I speak to have had them, including myself.

When you’re in the depths of the black pit and it seems so big you don’t know where to start… the one way back into the light is to ask for help.

Natasha reached out to me because she was on anti depressants, she was depressed, and when I asked her what would happen if she didn’t get help and change she said…

I will kill myself.

Natasha is so brave and powerful beyond fucking belief. She looked her deepest darkest fears in their scary eye balls and declared she would use the strategies that helped me go from suicidal to total Bad Ass.

Natasha broke all of her self harming habits in less than 6 weeks. Natasha is off anti depressants, she healed the vein blockage in her left eye that was causing blindness, and she had her first orgasm (and MANY more) since she’s been in my program.

Sis, there is hope. Natasha had done 10 years of therapy and was suicidal, on anti depressants, and blind in 1 eye just 6 weeks ago!

If Natasha can do it you can do it.

If you’re ready to change your life right now, reach out to me and let’s freaking heal together sis.

I believe in you.


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