How to manifest Lani Nalu podcast

Everyone wants to know how I manifested my King, my banging sexy body, and my dream job.

I literally get paid to travel the World with my lover, help women unconditionally love themselves, and restore balance in this World.

The mind blowing part is… we only take credit for manifesting the things we like, but we sure as shit blame other’s for the stuff we don’t like.

The most beautiful truth I can share with you is that YOU ARE WORTHY.

I understand that we aren’t taught how to NOT take things personal that happen directly to us.

When we get real about the reasons why we feel like we’re not enough, it always comes from a parent energy in our lives who we feel did not love us unconditionally.

It’s not about being wrong or right because everything is energy. There ain’t no one above the Law Of Attraction sis.

We don’t manifest shit because we’re not good enough.

We manifest shit because we believe we’re not good enough.


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