How to live up to your full Potential Podcast

Denise is my oldest client at 54 and she is freaking smoking hot! I have been so damn excited to have her on my podcast because she is literally killing it.

No excuses dude if Denise can do it anyone can.

I also have my beautiful client Christy on today. They are both so different and they have both completely thrived and are changed women in a matter of weeks.

They went from feeling trapped and playing small to living up to their full potential.

Denise said she felt her world was getting smaller and smaller as she got older. Denise was exhausted from faking happy to everyone, yet being drained and exhausted on the inside.

Christy’s anxiety and negative feedback loop was suffocating her and she knew that this fear based unhappy woman was not the real Christy.

It doesn’t take a lifetime to change. It takes 1 freaking decision to stop settling and learn the new skill of self worth.

These women are mothers who have been through pain and trauma. They were both scared AF to come into my program. And they did it any way!

Courage baby. They are both courageous AF.


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