Lani Nalu Divine Feminine Energy

As a child did you ever learn how to be connected to your Divine Feminine Energy from a woman who was a living embodied of love?

Of course you have no idea how? Sister this is a skill to be learnt, it’s not a given like your shoe size.

The clues are simple. If you’re negative, angry, anxious, judgmental, overwhelmed and any other shitty out of control feeling, then you are disconnected from your Divine Feminine.

It’s not about winning the fight. There doesn’t need to be a fight.

The Universe has no reason to not give you everything you want. You are the one with the problem and the creator of drama.

The game changer for me was training myself how to take feedback like a boss. No excuses, no arguing, no but’s…

Feedback means learning and learning means love.

There is no finish line. We always have the ability to receive and share more love.

Learning how to connect to your Divine Feminine is the first step.


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