Lani Nalu Podcast Perth

Being a woman isn’t your weakness. Being a woman makes you a freaking Bad Ass!

The reason I have the uncomfortable conversations that society deems “rude” is because talking about our sexual energy, our vulva’s, vaginas and pleasure… is the only way to heal and the release the Female guilt and shame and finally stop passing it on to our daughters.

Feeling gross, dirty, embarrassed, guilty and shameful is a Universal problem. It’s not your problem.

The only way to own that we are total Wonder Women rock stars is to stop acting like it’s personal and to stop believing we are alone.

Changing your beliefs is so much damn simpler than you can ever fathom, but no one, not even Jesus fucking Christ, can do this for you. 

It’s called free will bitch. It’s your choice to grow and evolve or to feel sorry for yourself and die.

I’m speaking this truth right into your soul because I know how strong you really are, I know you’re a Bad Ass, and I believe in you. 

If you are truly ready to stop making excuse and finally start living your best Queen life then reach out to me now. 

Until you get to the point where you’re so sick of your own bull shit I will never be able to help you. 

I’m not your saviour. You are. Time to start cherishing this gift like the precious treasure it really is.