Jette Lani Nalu Podcast

Jette’s story will blow your mind and inspire you to tears!

She is so freaking amazing and is living proof that you can positively change every area of your life, fast!

This is one of my most powerful episodes ever!

Jette reached out to me because she was suffering “burnout” in her business.

She had a lot of fear, she’s a busy mom, and was constantly fighting with her partner.

Jette is a coach and was so unhappy, unmotivated, and miserable she thought maybe she wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur.

We laughed so much especially when Jette said after she paid she was so nervous/excited/scared that her brain went to crazy town.

“Maybe Lani will steal my money. Maybe she’s a fraud. I’m broke why am I investing in myself?”

It’s been just 6 weeks in my program and Jette is a new freaking woman.  A Wonder Woman!

She’s thriving in her business, thriving as mom, and the biggest change for Jette has been in her relationship.

The old Jette felt so uncomfortable receiving, she wouldn’t even hug her partner.

Jette created drama for no reason and her minds default setting was ‘worst case scenario’ and negativity. 

Jette only focused on all the times she felt hurt and unhappy. Of course she was exhausted and overwhelmed.

I quickly cut through that ego bull shit because she was ready… and now she is flooded with unconditional love. 

She truly shares and receives love from everyone!

Her business is thriving, she got a damn client while we were recording this episode haha. 

Jette’s biggest take away is that life is fun and being happy is a choice. We’re all human, we all have fear and ego. However, it’s not harder for you than it was for Jette. 

The ego is Universal and Love is Universal. Which one will you choose to focus on?