Lani Nalu Mary Fleet Podcast

The craziest thing is that we’re so desperate for love, it’s all we want, we think if we had it all our problems would be solved….

Yet we don’t believe we’re worthy of it so we literally push it away! What the actual fuck. 

Today my beautiful sis and of course client Mary (because there is no separation for me) shares about how changing her beliefs from not enough to worthiness changed everything.

I have goosebumps just writing this because it’s the most powerful thing I will ever teach you. Mary was raised a Jehovah witness and she had some major guilt about disappointing her family. 

Mary’s biggest win in my program was that she finally believed she was worthy of love and started drinking it up from me and her Bad Ass sisters in the tribe, like a boss. 

Mary said coming into the program she felt UNCOMFORTABLE when I said…

“I love you.”

Yet her biggest problem was she didn’t feel loved.

 Do you see the inner conflict here??

The problem is not that you aren’t loved. The problem is that you don’t believe you’re worthy of receiving love.

Change your beliefs and change your life.

I believe in you sister!