Lani Nalu Podcast

If you are always looking for reasons it won’t work.

You will always find them.

It’s so gnarly how the biggest A Holes who are negative and straight up mean, see themselves as a victim.   Our reality is only a reflection of how we feel inside.  

Someone else can’t make you miserable or negative.  

You are miserable and negative and therefore you pull in other’s who who have no self love.  

I used to believe that everyone was against me.  

I thought people actually went out of their way to hurt me.  

I was always stuck in some drama situation.  

Money being stolen from me, best friends “ruining my life” and men cheating on me or hurting me.   All BS excuses for me not to take responsibility for myself.   

I walked around as if I had a target on my back, feeling so sorry for myself, feeling so powerless, all the while dumping my potential down the drain.  

News flash bitches, everyone goes through hard times, everyone experiences trauma and adversities.

This is called life.   

But when you’re running around making up negative shit in your head and then spewing your negativity out into the world… you are the problem.   

I am only available for kindness and love.  

I don’t feel sorry for you because gawd damn you’re doing this to yourself and hurting everyone else you claim to love.  

Happiness is a skill to be learnt and practiced.  

This world is so beautiful when you love yourself.  

It’s so easy to see the love and celebrate the wins of Queens rising up each day.  

Get your shit together and stop blaming everyone else for your choices.  

Broken questions are ego.  

Solutions are love.  

Jump on the positive train because it’s a hell of a lot more fun having it all.  

Believe me I’ve compared the two.