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It is impossible to heal what you’re hiding. I’ve never met a woman who has it all, and hides from her past. 

Let’s get real sister everyone’s ego in the whole wide world says “Don’t expose yourself, you’ll get rejected and that means you’re not enough.”

Rejection and failure is death to the ego. Death is the worst case scenario to the ego so of course it’s going to play dirty and bring in all the fear. 

Fear is not going away. It’s built into your nervous system. It’s always going to be there so instead of using your energy to fight a battle you have zero chance of winning, my philosophy is… be stronger than the fear.

Hiding is suffering. Suffering hurts everyone in your life that you love.

If you’re saying you want to protect your loved one’s, and you’re choosing to hide, you have some serious inner conflict happening.

Get real with yourself because you can’t be on both sides of the fence. 

You either choose to heal, or you don’t.

I have seen miracle after miracle happen the moment a woman exposes herself by feeling so she can heal.

Just this week Karine’s truth inspired Nicole’s healing, and this domino affect will continue on in my program forever. 

Everything I am and the thousands of lives we’ve inspired healing in have only been possible because I faced my fear, quit hiding, and exposed myself.

Will you hide?

Or will you rise?