Lani Nalu Podcast Purpose Program

You guys 2020 is literally here and if you don’t do something about it next year you’ll have even more negativity everywhere in your life. 

Are you willing to settle for that?

It’s so simple it’s scary. No hour long stories about why it’s harder for you. No 1,000 excuses. 

Are you ready to make a move! It’s either Hell Yes or it’s a Hell no.

I’ve got my Bad Ass clients Kristie and Alana on today and  they will inspire you beyond belief and blow your mind!

You will be laughing and crying with us. My intention for this episode is to inspire you to not settle for less than you were put here to be. 

They are 2 women who has some gnarly struggles and were suffocating in life. 

And they decided to do something about it!

We share our favourite tools for going from eating dog shit to living an extraordinary life!