Lani Nalu New Zealand

We are either living our life and taking action out of fear or from love.

The only reason we don’t take action with 100% belief that we CAN… is because we’re afraid. 

Fear of rejection, fear of failing, fear of not being enough. 

It’s insane that humans are so smart, yet spiritually idiots.

Because if every single human in the entire world has these fears the why do we waste the majority of our life believing that it’s harder for us, and the women that are happier must have it easier. 

No dummy it’s not easier for me, but I’m asking different questions and I don’t pretend it’s someone else’s fault. 

Instead of asking “Why is this happening to me?”

I ask “How can I learn to breakthrough this fear and take 100% aligned action?”

I’ve never met a confident woman full of self love who doesn’t take action.

Just like I’ve never met an insecure woman who takes violent action with 100% certainty. 

It’s impossible!

You can only be on 1 side of the fence. 

You can keep living in fear, talking about all the things you could do and never ever do any of them productively. Which is the definition of settling. 

Or… You can decide that you are worthy of living in love and taking action to be the woman who has it all. 

This is a skill that must be learnt sis. And holy shit you actually have to pay someone to teach you. What a freaking concept. 

2020 is nearly here! Make a move!