Lani Nalu Podcast Puppy

A victim would never say “I’m being a victim right now.” 

Simply put a woman in a low frequency believes her reality is happening to her, the dog shit in her life is happening to her, and she has no control over any of it.

A woman in a high frequency takes 100% responsibility for her energy and her frequency.

The most common ego thought is… “It’s easier for her to have it all because my problems are worse.”

I’m calling BS on that right now. We all have big ass problems. We all have that dark voice that says “How dare you do this to me.”

It’s NOT harder for you, it’s NOT easier for me.

I take full responsibility for my choices and my energy because I am a leader… and losing is blaming external forces for YOUR feelings.

WTF how is that even a thing. Arguing that your problems are not your problems? It makes no sense. 

It’s exhausting to fight and blame and believe you have no power over your life. It’s actually miserable and I was tormented when I blamed my family and ex for ruining my life. I was miserable.

So if the goal is for you to feel peace and love, then it’s time to change your habits from “poor me” to “YOU BET YOUR ASS I CAN.”

You are the only one who can decide to take your power back. Do not feel sorry for yourself honey, you are not a victim.