Lani Nalu Podcast Matia Sax

This is my most favourite episode ever! I’m talking to the most incredible, strong woman I’ve ever known.

Tia is 19 years old, she grew up in a very scary environment. Her father was in and out of jail, her family was using meth, and she she did drugs for the first time when she was 7 years old!

Tia moved herself out of her house at 15 years old because she knew she deserved better. Who the hell is that strong??

I was crying basically the whole time because I have never met a human so intentional and pure and obviously this is just the beginning because she’s discovered her Purpose…. which is to help humans stop holding themselves back and learn to live life as the best version of them self.

Tia has been working with me for just 5 days.

In that time she has learnt how to be the creator of her own happiness, how to control her emotions, and 5 days in she knows she is LIMITLESS!

Tia absolutely blew my mind because it usually takes coaches a few weeks to access the unconditional love and energy from Source and Tia learnt how to rise higher than her negative thoughts and her ego in 1 freaking day!

It’s not a competition, it’s a choice.

You decide you’re ready to change and feel happy, you can do it as fast as Tia too!