I was afraid of money for a long time. I always felt there wasn’t enough. This started when I was little, I remember sweating when I spent money as a child!

I learnt some bad habits about what money is and why it was scary.

I knew that being broke was miserable, but in all my spiritual trainings none of my mentors were literate or comfortable with money.

We never spoke about it, it was this unspoken rule that we’re spiritual so we shouldn’t focus on the business side or talk about money.

I always thought it was rude to talk about money and I legit believed that only men who worked in tech should talk about how much money they make because they deserved it.

It is very clear why I used to broke. Fear of money is actually lack of self worth.

I had a client come into one of my programs to find her voice and confidence and finally breakthough the negative loop she was stuck in.

In less than 2 months she stepped into her power, discovered her Purpose, and launched her business. She was in flow, energized and having fun.

She wanted to take things to the next level so she got a business coach. The program was $10,000. That coach didn’t have the same energy philosophy as that she did. The program was systems and money based.

She ended up feeling totally overwhelmed, discouraged, questioning her self. She got NO clients, spent tons of money and was left feeling low.

Of course she reached out to me to help take her to the next level. After 1 quick conversation we got her connected, back into her power, fully in flow and in 2 days she attracted a soul client at the highest price so far.

It’s not about money. It’s your energy.

More money will not solve your money problems. Your fear of money is yours and unless you want to die with these bull shit scarcity beliefs then find a coach who has what you want and learn how to break these habits and create new empowering one’s.