Lani Nalu Podcast Melissa

My guest today is my freaking amazing client Melissa. She is a single mom, a coach, and she was the biggest procrastinator ever.

She’s been working on herself for so many years yet she was settling in life and was no where near her financial, spiritual, emotional, and even physical goals.

She wasn’t at rock bottom, and she also was not living up to her full potential.

Melissa’s started my program 2 months and within the first few weeks her entire life changed.

Melissa was drawn to me because she knew she has a Bad Ass rebel in her, but she had no idea how to access her Wonder Woman energy.

Melissa never had a female mentor who walked the walk.

She had 2 coaches when we first spoke. She’s gone through tons of programs, she’s had heaps of coaches the past 10 years, and her certifications could fill up an entire room!

Yet Melissa had no idea how to embody. She’d get high and low, procrastinate, was extremely busy, and felt overwhelmed.

Within a month she launched a program she’d been sitting on for over a year, her first client reached out to her. She’s done no FB adds or paid marketing.

And she already has 4 clients! Within weeks of launching her elevated, life changing program.

These clients are all organic and we’re magnetised to her energy.

Melissa’s attracting clients who are excited to do the work.

In my program Melissa learnt confidence and she’s making 5x times more then she was before my program because she knows her worth!

She has courage and conviction. Melissa is getting stronger every day. Her productivity is up 500%, her goals are crystal clear, and she takes action with excitement and high vibe energy.

Melissa’s learnt how to embody, how to focus, and how to take aligned action. No more being busy, overwhelmed, broke, and no more procrastinating.

Melissa’s energy is through the roof, all of her relationships are thriving. Her body is stronger than it’s ever been. Melissa’s migraines are gone. And she’s finally living her purpose.

Melissa is changing the World and having a freaking blast doing it.