Lani Nalu Podcast Workshop

What perfectionist do you know, who is afraid of being rejected, doesn’t procrastinate?

We all know the answer because it’s no one.

Being a perfectionist who takes everything personal, who’s fear is not being good enough. Is the same thing as pressing the gas and the break at the same time.

It’s impossible to succeed. It is however, a guarantee that you will feel like a failure.

The old Lani was the biggest procrastinator in the world. I felt so overwhelmed and I was always busy, but I was pushing the gas and the break at the same time so I couldn’t get shit done.

Procrastination isn’t even a thing for me today because I love myself so much, I have so much confidence and conviction in sharing my strategies because I’ve done it and I know it works.

Knowing that I have the recipe to teach a woman to not settle, and instead live her purpose, shine bright, and live totally fulfilled is the most sacred and beautiful feeling in the world.

That’s why I play full out, and why I’m a bad ass. Because I am responsible for what I feel and where I am.

When I go to sleep every night I feel so damn proud of myself because I take action to change the World, and I’m kind.

For no other reason than….

It’s who I am.