Lani Nalu Podcast Share Love

The women I speak to have the most beautiful souls.

They have the biggest hearts ever!

Yet they are overwhelmed and they do not have it all.

There is something so beautiful about wanting to serve and help other’s, however, you can not share love when you do not feel love.

The only reason you can’t get shit done, you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, procrastinate, and get sick is because you are stuck in your bloody head.

You’re stuck in the washing machine, no positive momentum, no connection, no freaking energy.

When you feel overwhelmed everyone else feels it too.

There is no amount of faking that can over power negative energy.

If you feel deflated after being around someone who can’t get their shit together and is sick and suffering, then of course people feel deflated after being around you.

The reason you’re suffering isn’t because you’re not good enough.

I’m not giving out magic pills and completing you.

Your magic and Bad Ass Wonder Woman potential is inside you right now. You just need someone to teach you how to unleash it.

Trigger Song: Que Calor

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