Lani Nalu Podcast One Step To Get Everything

Energy is everything! I trigger myself to feel energy all freaking day.

When I use to surround myself with people who believed they couldn’t do it, it rubbed off on me.

It takes like a million times more energy to fight the fears of others so a great first step is surround yourself with people who already have what you want.

They have the recipe, it’s simple to them and it’s very possible because they’ve already done it.

We never regret the things we’ve tried, or the moments that were scary but we jumped anyway, or when we traveled and got out of comfort zone.

Elderly people on their death bed regret the shit they didn’t do.

If you’re not willing to settle for less than you were put here to be, share, do, and feel then I am inspiring you to make a move right now… Towards the woman you’re becoming.