Lani Nalu weight lifting

The old Lani was always sick, exhausted, and trying to heal some type of pain.

I was a perfectionist who took everything personal and felt like nothing I did was ever enough.

In my head I always missed the mark. I was too stupid, too old, too messed up. That put me in a low energy state and I would go into things as if I had already failed.


Of course I failed, in my head I was already defeated.

When we are always in our head and the fight or flight response is always being misfired, there is no way you can be healthy or full of energy.

When your fight or flight response is fired the first thing that happens is your immune system shuts down.

When your mind thinks it’s in a life or death situation, surviving becomes it’s first priority. Not healing your chronic fatigue, BV, headache, thrush, or autoimmune disease.

Surviving is where all of your blood and energy go.

Misfiring your fight or flight means you have no immune system, your sexual organ function is shut down as well because let’s get real….

As if you’re going to want to bang when your mind thinks it’s facing death.

You can only be on 1 side of the fence. Connected to your power, embodied, in control of your fight or flight response, healthy and energetic.

Or…. disconnected, unwell, exhausted, overwhelmed, and always sick.

The fight or fight response is meant to protect you from REAL life or death situations.

When yours is firing from thoughts of not being good enough, your greatest survival tool has now become the beast that’s killing you.


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