Lani Nalu Podcast


What if your mind went to the best case scenario when you got an idea?

You know you want to help, you know your purpose is to change the world, so why aren’t you doing it?

Think about why you don’t follow through, you don’t take action, and why you sabotage yourself just before you achieve your goals.

It’s your thoughts right.

No one kidnapped you and stopped you from taking action, no tied your hands behind your back.

You were most likely alone, somewhere safe, stewing in your thoughts when you sabotaged.

How insane is that!

We love to say oh I’m just hurting myself by feeling unworthy. That is total bull shit!

If you know you can truly help someone because your super power is healing and you don’t help them because of your fear… Then you are hurting them.

Energy is what makes us Wonder Women. Have you ever met a bad who inspired you, lifted your frequency, blew your mind, and made you want to be a better person who had no energy?

No commitment, their head was down, eyes looking down, and they were actually sucking energy rather than exuding it?

Hell No you haven’t because that’s impossible!

If you’re a coach and you’re ready to finally get out of your head, learn how to access your Bad Ass energy, and quit playing small than you have to come to my workshop on October 19th.

It’s online and interactive. The same style I use for my clients who are killing it.

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In this workshop you will learn…

  • Proven, easy to use strategies to get you out of your head and into your power instantly.

  • How to identify when you’re in a negative feedback loop and how to shift back into the present moment, feeling peace straight away.

  • Meditation and mindset strategies to control your focus and retrain your mind for a default setting of positivity and best case scenario thinking.

  • Lani Nalu Strategies to embody and feel your insane Wonder Woman energy flowing through your veins right now.

  • How to be both strong AF and feminine AF.

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