Lani Nalu Podcast

Find me a woman who has nothing she wants, I guarantee her beliefs will match exactly what she has.

Find a woman who has everything she wants, I guarantee her beliefs match everything she has.

Your beliefs are literally everything.

We take half ass, shitty action when we believe we can’t do it anyway.

The number 1 complaint I hear from women is…

“I’ve tried everything.”

But, when we get down to it, they have not tried everything. They have has ass tried 1 thing that doesn’t work and keeps doing that over and over.

Putting sticky notes up every where that say nice things will never help if you believe you are unworthy pile of dog poo.

Journaling I’m rich and and I love myself will never work if you believe you are worthless and stupid.

Those strategies will keep you busy and feeling overwhelmed, and we can all agree that busy and overwhelmed does NOT equal being fulfilled.

It’s possible and it can happen fast. The longer you want to talk about why you can’t have what you want the longer it takes.

I always focus on the best case scenario and I do everything in my power to make it happen. If the ego fears were so special then every single human wouldn’t have them.

But we all do! We all have that voice in our head telling us that we are not good enough.

The magic comes from deciding to believe something different. Embodying new beliefs and not making the same bloody mistakes over and over! You’re not 5 dude, choose better.