Lani Nalu Australia

We are in Sydney Australia!!!

I have been so excited to record an episode here because this has been such a radical up level and growth period already and Chris and I have only been here for a week and a half! YEWWW!!!

I have so many incredible tools for you today. The first one I talk about is the most common way you kill your dreams and the best way to overcome fear.

The moment we get stuck in our head the old comfortable tape starts playing and we can get negative about anything!

You are already using strategies, however, they are creating negative momentum. But when you’ve been doing something for so long it becomes invisible to you and it’s like fighting the predator when his ass in invisible mode.

You will never win!

It’s impossible to have high energy, confidence, excitement, creativity and conviction when you believe you CAN’T DO IT.

There are so many things under your radar that are triggering you to give up. I talk about the environmental triggers I felt coming back to Australia, since it was the worst time in my life just a few years ago.

It’s not that we ignore or pretend everything is fine. We must feel every emotion. However, there is a very simple way to shift into Wonder Woman energy, embody, and fuck the fear so hard it becomes your bitch haha.

I do this every day with my clients. It’s beautiful! I live for it and it’s the only strategy that’s gotten us what we wanted.

The bottom line is you can only have it all when you know you deserve it.

I end this episode with 3 simple questions. I encourage you to answer them now.

Do you have everything you want in your life right now yes or no?

What are you willing to do to live up to your full potential right now?

When do you want to change and finally learn how to love yourself?