Caroleanne Knott - I Am Bad Ass Podcast - Lani Nalu

This is one of my favourite episodes ever!!!

My client Carole is 53 years young and has proven that in 6 weeks you can go from being miserable, unfulfilled, severe body pain, deadly insomnia and hopeless to…. Bad Ass Confident Wonder Woman.

Carole has completely transformed her life. She’s happy! What a freaking concept. And she’s helping her clients breakthrough the same BS limiting beliefs too.

The night before coming into my program she was on her knees praying for help, asking for a sign that she could heal this deep pain within, and finally feel peace.

And of course… BAM!!! My ass appears.

Carole told me on our strategy session she didn’t want to die with her music still in her. I knew she was ready and 100% committed to go deep and finally heal.

She’s my dream client! No bull shit, no excuses, Carole feels the fear and has an ego just like you, and she chooses to take action anyway.

I’m calling in more Carole’s now haha.

If you’re not ok with taking your last breath and knowing that you didn’t live your purpose. If you refuse to die with your music still inside you then fill out an application for my coaching ASAP!

We’re here to shine like the sun and change the freaking world! Let’s do this together.