I Am Bad Ass Lani Nalu Coaching

Are you a spiritual junkie searching for the next external hit to fill your void because you don’t believe you are good enough?

It’s so scary that there are so many coaches taking money from clients when they themselves are miserable, sick, insecure, and disconnected from their sexual energy.

If you stop bullshitting yourself and answer without the fear of being judged… Are you happy?

If you wake up believing that you are worthy and you know you are not living up to your full potential, and healing isn’t your first priority… WTF are you doing with your life?

Coaches are using the old model of “I’m so busy” and calling that healing. News flash dude being busy, exhausted and miserable is not healing.

If you are seeking a coach or a program to heal you and take away your pain I guarantee you will never heal.

Every shiny object that you hope will take away your pain and save you is a coping mechanism and what you’re really saying is…

“I like eating dog shit and I’m not ready to let go of my pain.”

The work can only be done within you, no one is coming to save you, no shiny object or magic pill is going to take your pain away. You must decide that you are ready to do the work.