Lani Nalu Podcast Jade

If you’re exhausted you’ll love this one!

Today I’m chatting with my beautiful client Jade who has always been a freaking fire ball!

Unfortunately, like the old Lani, Jade had no idea how to harness it as her super power.

If we don’t know how to do process our own emotions by coming into our body, our super power becomes our kryptonite. And it starts killing us!

It’s only a matter of time before we short circuit and feel completely exhausted and powerless.

For Jade this manifested as anxiety, binge eating every night, fear of making the wrong decision or making any decision for that matter.

She took everything personal, wasn’t happy, Jade was angry and unfulfilled.

Jade has transformed so much in just 6 short weeks she’s still surprised by her own growth!

Of course Jade felt afraid to invest in herself. Not only financially, which is a big trigger for every woman living in scarcity who is afraid there is not enough to go around. But also emotionally.

What if she was the only one who couldn’t change?

You see, you’re not the only one who’s afraid. Your fear isn’t special.

Jade felt the exact same way you’re feeling now. The only difference between you suffering and her healing is that she did it anyway.

We dive in real deep about how dangerous it is to fake it and throw our precious energy down the toilet instead of staying in our body and learning how to create new beliefs.

This is the only way to know like you freaking know that you are 100% living up to your full potential.