Lani Nalu Podcast 48

Today I’m talking about being authentic, speaking your truth, and self worth.

I hear 2 really common excuses from coaches for why they are miserable.

The first is “I am being authentic.” Authentic is a positive word yet the truth is they’re miserable.

Authentic is not suffering, being exhausted, feeling miserable, and having no self worth.

The fact is they don’t actually know the truth, because their subconscious program is “love is pain.”

It’s actually impossible to be authentic when you don’t know the difference between love and pain.

The second excuse I get is “I’m helping my clients so much but I just can’t help myself.”

You can never help anyone get to a frequency higher than yours. Giving your clients hits of extreme highs that are immediately followed with extreme lows is not love.

You can only help your clients get to where you are. Miserable, insecure, exhausted, and suffering. That is not helping and it’s definitely not giving good advice.

I use the word self love as the gage to see where a woman is. I ask for a number 1 to 10.

Every single woman thinks that 1 is suicidal. That is society’s definition, which is totally effed up. When did suicidal make it’s way to the scale of self love?

To me a 10 is being in control of your emotions, growing and getting stronger every day, changing the world, and knowing like you know the sky is blue that you are 100% living up to your full potential. A 10 is having it all spiritually, emotionally, financially, and sexually.

And a 1 is having no control over your emotions, self love, or energy.

If you bull shit yourself and say you’re doing pretty great because you’re not suicidal you need a serious reality check sister.

You either know how to embody and shift your mindset or you do not.

If you do not, what are you going to do about it?