Lani Nalu Podcast I Am Bad Ass 47

The majority of women live in their body less than 20% of the day. That is the same thing as having your car in neutral, slamming the gas down, and wondering why nothing has changed.

You haven’t moved an inch, but your check engine light is on.

The engine is working, your body is working. Of course you’re exhausted. But you have not healed because you have not solved your problem. Doing the same thing every day that doesn’t work is not the solution.

My oldest client is 53, she did all the things. 44 years of therapy, abusive relationships, trying to save everyone, and spent £30,000. She wasn’t ready to solve her problem until she decided enough was enough.
Carol declared “I don’t care how scary it is, I am choosing to learn how to feel and be safe in my body now.”

I talk to miserable women all day who can’t do what they are trying to teach others how to do. They tell me they don’t know how, and then they have all the excuses why their problems are different and why it’s so much harder for them.

I speak about this with all the women in my program, and it’s crystal clear now that they were not ready 1 second before they came into my program.

We know that if 1 person can do it anyone can do it. I’m not an alien, other successful people are not from other galaxies or something.

We felt the same pain you’re feeling. We felt the same fear your feeling, and we decided that the drama and victim mentality was not an option any longer.

Learning to embody is the only way for you to truly change your life. You can put the pedal to the metal 24 hours a day but if your car is in neutral, you will never move.

Your engine will burn out and you will take your last breath full of regret knowing that it was you who didn’t change.

What a freaking waste.