My Bad Ass client Khiêt-Trinh has completely healed her body and soul in 6 weeks!

Khiêt-Trinh came into my program because she felt like a total fraud.

She had severe stomach pain, anxiety, woke up with dread every morning and was so afraid that she would not be able to heal because she’d been doing therapy since her 20’s and she’d spent €60,000 and was still extremely unhappy.

On our strategy session she told me she just wanted to be happy.

Then the guilt comes in because she’s trying to teach this! As well as her life looked amazing from the outside.

Khiêt-Trinh loves where she lives, she loves her partner, she’s got clients and she was making money.

Yet she still woke up with dread and misery.

The moment she decided she was coming into my program to get help her stomach pain was gone completely.

Throughout my program Khiêt-Trinh broke through her perfectionism, her fear of failing, her procrastination, and she took off her mask and shared her childhood trauma that she healed from in less than 6 weeks.

She’s made more money in a month than ever before. Khiêt-Trinh raised her prices, got her first high end 1:1 client within 3 weeks in my program just by sharing her truth in her yoga class.

Khiêt-Trinh has finally stepped into her Wonder Women energy. She is a healer and she’s changing the lives of her clients.

Her standards are now extraordinary, her confidence is 100%, and she takes action and makes decisions like a boss!

Khiêt-Trinh is done faking, no more masks, and so many people are reaching out to her for help.

If you haven’t completely changed your life in 6 weeks what the heck are you doing with your life?