If you’re a coach and you’re miserable, lost, and feel overwhelmed AF… that’s a big effing problem mama.

I speak to so many spiritual teachers who have no self worth, but they are unable to admit it and they lie to themselves by saying “I’m holding space” and “I’m just a little blocked.”

If you can’t admit that there is a big ass hole in your damn roof, ain’t no way it’s ever going to get fixed.

Just because you’re not at rock bottom doesn’t mean you’re doing good!

HELLO when did not being suicidal become winning?!

The ego has infiltrated and you’re feeding it with bull shit excuses.

Either you’re getting stronger, better, richer, funnier & sexier everyday or you’re dying. It’s not complicated.

Our purpose as leaders is to face our child hood trauma and breakthrough the programs of not being enough. Rewiring our subconscious with unconditional love from Source.

Only then can we truly change lives and heal the World.