I Am Bad Ass Podcast Ep 44 w Ashlie

Today I’m chatting with my beautiful client Ashlie who is an incredible acting coach. 

For the past 2 years she has suffered severely from auto immune diseases that have crushed her soul and been taking over her life. She suffered through over 2 years of doctors visits, trips to the hospital, and blood tests for doctors to conclude there is nothing they can’t help her.

All tests came back negative accept her cortisol levels which were through the roof. They told her it was psychological and there was nothing they could do for her.

Ashlie was living in fight or flight for over 2 years! Life or death, constant stress on her nervous system, which then shut down her immune system.

From the outside she had all her needs met. There were no life or death problems. She has a beautiful daughter, partner, home and job.

The subconscious program of “I can’t have it all” was rearing its ugly head and taking over her life. Ashlie had no energy to evolve, she was literally in survival mode.

She could tap into presence for her students, but the majority of the time she was living in her head. Ash studied all the spiritual modalities, read all the books, and consciously understood she needed to be present.

None of that worked however, because she had not reprogrammed the subconscious root. Ash was desperate for a change.

In my program she completely healed her auto immune diseases in less than 6 weeks!

No more chronic fatigue, no more adrenal fatigue, no more fight or flight, no way waking up exhausted/hungover, no more shingles.

We’ll both tell you that this program is not for the sissy’s who want to complain, quit, or receive a healing magic pill. If it was easy everyone would do it.

Ashlie was truly ready and 100% committed to heal and take responsibility for her health. Rewind a few weeks ago and she was having shingles breakouts, feeling exhausted, cloudy, and feeling like she’d drunk a bottle of wine the night before.

She was using all her energy just to keep her head above water, desperate to survive her next horrible auto immune flare up.

Today she is healthy, energetic, changing the lives of her clients, and fully in charge of her health.

Her wedding is coming up and Ashlie is more confident than ever. Through reprogramming her subconscious everything has been positively affected.

Ashlie has finally lost that baby weight she’s been holding onto, she absolutely loves her wedding dress, and she’s currently creating an incredible up level course and taking her coaching program World Wide.

Ashlie is killing it and all in less than 6 weeks! If you are suffering how can you possible stand up for your right to be sick?

Girl, you are not changing the world if you are dying! You either have it all, or you have nothing.

I choose having it all every time.